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Nancy Grimm

Nancy B. Grimm is the Virginia M Ullman Professor for Ecology at Arizona State University. An ecologist and interdisciplinary sustainability scientist, she studies interactions of climate change, human activities, resilience, and biogeochemical processes in urban and stream ecosystems.


From 1997-2016 Grimm directed the Central Arizona–Phoenix LTER (CAP LTER), a pioneering interdisciplinary study of a complex metropolitan region whose conceptual models of social-ecological-technological systems expanded ecology.


She now co-directs the Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network (URExSRN). Grimm is a Past President of the ESA and a Fellow of AAAS, ESA, and AGU. She is an editor for Earth’s Future and editorial advisor for Ecohydrology and J. Urban Ecology, and has produced >180 scientific publications.

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