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The Data Portal (currently in progress) will include a phenotypic and genetic database. The Data Portal will feature an expanded database on rates of phenotypic change (Hendry et al. 2008; Crispo et al. 2010; Palkovacs et al. 2012; Gotanda et al. 2015, Alberti et al. 2017, Johnson and Munshi-South 2017). The database will be complemented by a more recent effort to compile estimates of molecular genetic variation in urban networks (Verrelli et al. 2017).


Studies will be screened for eligibility based on pre-established criteria (e.g., samples must be geo-referenced) and, if selected, genetic and phenotypic rates will be extracted, and classified according to qualities of the study system, experimental design, data type, and ecological and anthropogenic contexts, with emphasis on the potential role of proxies of urbanization and anthropogenic change such as brightness of city lights.

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